Evidence of entitlement for media representatives

As an exhibition organiser we want to make it easier for journalists to access information about our events and our company by offering accreditation. Accreditation is awarded exclusively for the purposes of journalistic reporting.

The following persons are entitled to media accreditation:

Persons from Germany or abroad who can provide the following proof of journalistic (including photojournalistic) employment (related to the topic of the exhibition in question):

a. By presenting by-line articles published no earlier than six months before the time of the event.

b. By presenting a legal notice in which they are named as editors, permanent editorial staff or authors, and which is no older than three months at the time of the event.

c. By presenting a written commission from a complete editorial office, in the original, relating to the current exhibition.

d. By means of a weblink to an online publication that is well established in the industry community in question and that can prove an adequate reach. In these cases, advance accreditation is necessary due to the extra verification effort. Online media of this type must have been in existence for at least three months, must produce regular entries and the most recent article relating to the topic of the exhibition must be no older than three months. (In individual cases, separate, more detailed accreditation rules may be specified for bloggers, with a separate status for bloggers.)

e. By presenting a document no older than six months stating that they work for a school magazine, or by presenting a valid ID from a youth press organisation, or by presenting written confirmation from a school stating that they work for the school magazine in an editorial capacity.

f. Holders of a valid press card from a German or foreign journalists’ association. We point out that presenting a press card is generally not, in itself, sufficient grounds for accreditation. The exhibition organiser reserves the right to request further proof of journalistic employment as specified in items a to e. Credentials should be presented in German or English. The exhibition organiser reserves the right in individual cases to also demand presentation of a valid photo ID. There is no automatic right to accreditation. If necessary, the exhibition organiser shall exercise its domiciliary rights.

Editorial contribution to online media

Online media must be established, independent websites that are regularly updated with original and topical news.

Radio and TV media and freelance production teams

Journalists working in radio and TV or with freelance production teams are required to submit an official letter from the broadcasting station confirming their editorial contribution.

Evidence of entitlement for travel bloggers

  • In order to obtain accreditation your blog must be relevant to ITB Berlin. Blogs focusing on non travel-related subjects will not be taken into account. 
  • The blog in question must already be in existence for six months and the blogger applying for accreditation must have made regular and relevant contributions. Blog items must include the contributor’s name.
  • In order to obtain accreditation the visibility of a blog must be high, it must be topical and a reach of at least 5,000 visitors per month is required.
  • A high visibility and a relevant reach of the following travel-related social media channels can also lead to successful accreditation:
    • Instagram: 50,000 subscribers
    • YouTube: 10,000 subscribers
    • Facebook: 5,000 Likes
  • Your application must include corresponding proof and statistics, to be uploaded as a ’Media Kit’ in the form of a PDF file (in German or English). Independent software for example such as Google Analytics or Statify should be used to supply a screenshot of the relevant data (unique visitors, page impressions and duration of visits, in each case covering the last three months from the date of accreditation). The name of the account and the date of the screenshot must be visible and recognizable.
Please find the complete accreditation guidelines here: www.itb-berlin.com/Press/Accreditation/.

The following groups of persons shall not be accredited:

  • Persons without journalistic credentials, such as account managers, sales managers, advertising managers or webmasters, PR consultants and private companions.
  • Germans resident in Germany who present a foreign press Card.
  • Persons who present a written commission from a freelance journalist.
  • Persons who are exclusively active in social networks in a private capacity.
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