Evidence of entitlement for media representatives

 Your application for press accreditation will not be processed unless you submit evidence of entitlement and references. In order to successfully obtain accreditation you must satisfy at least one of the requirements listed below.

  • Submission of a press pass (this can serve as an indication of full-time journalistic activity).
  • Articles published during the last three months and attributed to you as the author. The medium and date of publication must be identifiable. The number of articles should show that you are active as a full-time journalist.
  • Publishing information from a current publication, confirming you as a contributor to the editorial content (print media).
  • Official letter from the editorial office confirming your contribution to the editorial work for the event (broadcasting station).

Editorial contribution to online media

Online media must be established, independent websites that are regularly updated with original and topical news.

Radio and TV media and freelance production teams

Journalists working in radio and TV or with freelance production teams are required to submit an official letter from the broadcasting station confirming their editorial contribution.

PR agencies

We only grant accreditation to representatives of PR agencies if they are acting on behalf of an exhibitor or assisting them as a senior consultant. In such cases the following restrictions apply: accreditation will be granted to a maximum of two press spokespersons per exhibitor or two PR agency staff engaged by an exhibiting company to act as spokespersons. Please send us an official letter from the exhibitor confirming that you are acting in a PR capacity.

The following persons will not be accredited:

  • Publishers, general managers, customer service staff, marketing and advertising staff, engineers, sales managers, authors and  representatives of PR agencies (unless acting on behalf of an exhibitor) etc.
  • Anyone who, for reasons other than to provide editorial coverage, wishes to attend Messe Berlin events. 

Messe Berlin reserves the right to reject applications for accreditation without stating any reasons. Please take note of the general accreditation guidelines of Messe Berlin 

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